Friday, 21 November 2014

A new Queen of Disco

Another tiring week is dragging to its close, but we have to get ourselves into the party spirit...

In my most recent "Pick of the Pops" selection this week, I deliberately held back the newest release by a stalwart of all things gay (with a capital G) in the dance world in the last few decades, to share it with you today, dear reader.

As we gear ourselves up for the Great Release that is the weekend - let us give a warm welcome to the fantabulosa Jimmy Somerville, who has taken a step right back to the heady days of Disco with his new single Travesty!

And here, for your delectation, is an absolutely brilliant fan-made video for it (complete with skilful lip-syncs from some of that era's finest artists):

Thank Disco It's Friday!

Have a good one.

Jimmy Somerville


  1. Good heavens, what a time warp. I love it, and I love that fan dancer at the 2:35 mark.

    1. Brings back loads of happy memories, doesn't it? And a strong whiff of poppers. Jx

  2. I absolutely ADORE this song - sounds almost like it had been recorded in the late 70s...

    1. Mr Somerville does it again! Jx


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