Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Nova muzyka

"I'm terrible, Muriel."

I realise that I haven't done a little compendium of newer musical discoveries since August (when I did my three-blog catch-up). Time to make amends, methinks - with just a few slices of randomness that have caught my ear over the past three-and-a-bit months!

First up, this month saw a rather overdue return for Simple Minds - a band whose early hits (I Travel, Changeling and The American in particular) still have the power to send goosebumps down my spine. I went right off them as they got their big break and veered more into "stadium rock" and "U2-lite" pomposity, which pleased their American audience but not their fans from the 80s clubbing days. I have given them the benefit of the doubt with this new reappearance, and I must admit this single is not bad at all:

Another lot that can be described as real troopers - having been in the business for thirty years next year - and, of course, a true favourite of ours, is Erasure. And fortuitously just this week another of our fave electro bands here at Dolores Delargo Towers the fab Parallox has done a rather excellent remix of Andy and Vince's latest single Reason!

Speaking of the 80s... Here's the verrrry retro sound of Hearts On Fire (with its heavy-on-the-equal-rights video) by Aussie duo Divine Knights:

Paying tribute (to my ears anyway) to the sublime Noosha Fox, it's none other than "the voice of 2009", La Roux! For a "comeback" choice this is a rather excellent choon, too:

We always fancy a bit of Ricky Martin - no guesses which bit! - and here is the man himself, looking as sexy as ever, with his latest:

Ramping the beats per minute up a notch, another band we haven't heard from for a while is Avec Sans! Here's the duo's newest infectious dance number, the trancy All Of Time:

Courtesy (once again) of the lovely Henry (who has gone somewhat quiet of late over at Barbarella's Galaxy) - the blogger I can always rely on to sniff out music from across the interwebs, so I don't have to - here are a couple of works of wonder, starting with a Ukrainian singer cheering her nation's spirits up in the face of Russian hostility, the remarkable Yasinska:

And, to conclude - possibly one of the most infectious and downright silly dance songs of recent years! I can guarantee that before very long (if you let it), the refrain I'm an Albatraoz will be firmly embedded in your brain with little hope of release. Here's the Swedish brother and sister duo AronChupa (in the impressive surroundings of that Art Deco masterpiece The Paramount Theatre in Oakland, California):

[And for the completely insane, there is an hour-long version of that song on YouTube!]

As ever, enjoy! And feel free to comment...

STOP PRESS: I almost forgot! Courtesy of our friend Baby Steve, there's also THIS:

Mummy, I'm scared.


  1. How I have missed these posts :)

    The Simple Minds song sounds pretty good, and I suspect will get even better on repeated listens. I obviously love Erasure, 'nuff said about that. And you already know that I love the ones from my last post. Now, for the rest: I never cared for La Roux and this song does nothing to change my opinion of her. The Ricky Martin song sounds like a mess and the Divine Knights number sounds like about 1000 other songs I have heard - just this year (although it's not bad).

    I just came across the, erm, Chick song and of course I find it hilarious (although I am also seeking my Mummy as I type...). But the winner here, for me (along with Aronchupa and Yasinska) has to be the that lovely number by Avec Sans - adore it!

    Fabulous to have a new selection from you - already looking forward to the next one :)

    1. Glad you enjoyed the journey, dear - it's been a while.

      I can't deny that Ricky's song isn't the best of his repertoire, nor that Divine Knights is 100% original (although a damn sight better than several "electro" efforts I've heard), but I actually do like the LaRoux one a lot. Avec Sans is - and has consistently been - a fab band, but, just as I feared... I am still singing "I'm An Albatraoz" in my head. Dammit! Jx

  2. Hehehe - you and me both. I predict it will be a huge hit in the next weeks/months!

  3. overdue but worth the wait.
    You can keep the Simple Minds track though. (yawn)
    Loved the Erasure and Divine Knights.
    La Roux does put me in mind of Noosha Fox but is rather dull.
    Ricky Martin - not his best but whats not to like !
    Avec Sans !lovely
    Yasinska, like that a lot very jolly and the pink trombones are fab
    I'm an Albatraoz would have been stuck in my head all day if it were not for the video that followed it!
    Absolutely mad absolutely Fab
    Thanks for the post
    and well done 'Baby Steve'

    1. So that's you and Hilb both dressing as "Chick Chicks" for Gay Pride next year, then?



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