Sunday, 2 November 2014

Into the trees

A typically 80s pose we'd love to try and recreate

Today, torrential rain has broken the recent gloriously unseasonal spell of warm, balmy weather here in London (the hottest Hallowe'en on record according to the Met Office). Which always makes us gloomy.

To suit the mood, here's a wonderful track I was reminded of (courtesy of Radio 2's faboo "Sounds of the 80s" show last night) - that took me right back to an era when I, like every other seventeen-year-old, began wearing entirely black clothing...

It's The Cure and A Forest!

A bit late for Samhain, admittedly, but it doesn't get much more Goth than that...

The Cure official website


  1. Love it! The Cure were/are really in their own category in many ways...

    1. Their only real contemporaries/peers are Siouxsie and the Banshees (and even they show little sign of re-forming as a band, although Siouxsie is successful as a solo artist; and she and Steve Severin are talking again apparently)... Jx

  2. They were fab - thanks for the video


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