Sunday, 23 November 2014

Totty of the Day

...birthday boy Maxwell Caulfield (55 today)!

Facts bout Mr Caulfield:
  • He began his stage career as an exotic dancer at London's Windmill Theatre, ostensibly in order to obtain an Equity card.
  • His acting career proper began in New York, starring in (among others) Entertaining Mr Sloane, An Inspector Calls and (famously) naked in Salonika.
  • His big break was alongside Michelle Pfeiffer in the critically slagged-off Grease 2, before hitting the big time as "Miles" in The Colbys and Dynasty.
  • More recently he made a bit of a comeback the UK, with parts in Casualty and Emmerdale, and has returned to his roots in stage musicals, currently in the touring version of Singing in the Rain.
  • He has been married to John Mills' daughter Juliet (eighteen years his senior) since 1980.

And yes, I still would.

Maxwell Caulfield (born 23rd November 1959)


  1. I still would, too! Happy Birthday, Mr. Caulfield!

    1. He could do his "exotic dance" for me, anytime! Jx


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