Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Sorry you what a shameful situation

“You pig-ugly homophobic twat" were the words George Michael used to describe the casual racist and inexpicably-popular-with-stupid-people Jeremy Clarkson, host of the hideously laddish Top Gear, after several insults against him by the presenter, and numerous uses of the word "gay" to describe cars he didn't like on his show. Since then, Clarkson has been caught out using the word "nigger" and the word "slope" (to refer to Asians), and was repeatedly forced to apologise. Yet he kept his job at the BBC on all occasions...

Now, at last, this pompous, bigoted, pseudo-"man-of-the-people", with his nasty attitudes and his even nastier brand of "male grooming" (naff shirt tucked into naffer jeans, a paunch combined with a 1970s footballer perm) has finally - we hope - gone from the BBC, after he allegedly punched a producer at the station.

Good riddance.

No doubt, unfortunately, some equally nasty, bigoted pseudo-"broadcaster" like Sky or Fox News will probably snap him up. Either that or he will rightfully be imprisoned. The latter is unlikely.

Here's an appropriate number from Erasure. All together, now...

I Love To Hate You.


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