Tuesday, 31 March 2015


As those eternally-vigilant campaigners at AllOut launch their latest campaign, to overturn another piece of Redneck/Bible Belt homophobic legislation in "The Land of the Free" - the recently-passed Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act, that allows companies to deny service to gay and lesbian people under the guise of “religious freedom" - so I am reminded of this song by Mr R. Dean Taylor...

"Out there, the law is coming, I've been so tired of running
Indiana wants me. Lord, I can't go back there..."


Please sign (if you haven't already): support the “Fairness for All Hoosiers Act”

[Footnote: Allegedly the term "Hoosiers", used to describe people from Indiana, is from the English dialect phrase hoozer used in Cumbria, meaning anything unusually large, and derived from the Old English hoo (as at Sutton Hoo), meaning "high" and "hill".]

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