Thursday, 5 March 2015

But wine is all I have

Timeslip moment again, as we leap into that DeLorean and skid to a halt in this week thirty years ago, with an eye on the UK Charts...

It's Elaine Paige's birthday, and she was at Number 2 (with I Know Him So Well), but I'm not featuring her. One of my all time favourite songs You Spin Me Round by Dead or Alive was at Number 1, but I'm not doing that either.

No! For this happy little wallow into the forgotten hits of yesteryear, here's the highest entry in the Top 5 this week in 1985, the lovely Stephen "TinTin" Duffy and Kiss Me...

In my young life I have received
Callers though they were Christmas Eve
I'm disappointed and I don't know why
She gave me laughter and hope
And a sock in the eye.

In my young life I know something now.
I've never tried to create a wow
Wows are few frustration more common
Now I can feel it in my soul
That's why I gave the come on.

Kiss me with your mouth
Your love is better than wine
But wine is all I have
Will your love ever be mine?

Faces fall before my feet
Like blood onto a clean white sheet
When I grow old I won't forget
To innocence my only debt

Wow I feel so fresh today
Barefoot in the snow to make love in the hay
The stars are bright in the abyss
Now I can feel you in my arms
I explode inside your kiss.

Kiss me with your mouth
Your love is better than wine
But wine is all I have
Will your love ever be mine?

Kiss him?


I would.

  • Mr Duffy was one of the original founding members of Duran Duran, before they were famous.
  • Kiss Me was the last song played on the medium wave service of Radio 1 before it became an FM-only station, on 1st July 1994.
  • Since his all-too-brief chart success, Mr Duffy has turned to songwriting and production, working with (among others) Alex James of Blur, the Barenaked Ladies and Robbie Williams.
Stephen Duffy (and The Lilac Time) website


  1. How delightful. I gad forgotten all about this song, but at one time, it was one of my faves.

    1. I enjoy unearthing songs that we had all forgotten about, even if it does make us feel rather old. Pretty little Mr Duffy himself celebrates his 55th birthday in May... Jx


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