Tuesday, 24 March 2015

I hear what you say, I see what you do

"Now, who had hold of my showerproof? It’s irreplaceable, you know, being in tangerine poplin, which apparently there’s no call for."

Timeslip moment again - and today the wormhole has dropped us back 19 years to 1996...

Nudging around the middle reaches of the charts this week (on its second outing, incidentally - it was first released almost a year earlier) was the fabulously boppy sound of La Bouche (one of Mr Frank Farian's side-projects, post-Boney M and definitely post-Milli Vannilli) and Be My Lover:

Oh, I can just smell the dry ice...

La Bouche


  1. Loved this then and I still do! Shame about the untimely death of Melanie Thornton.

    1. Just read about it - ironically she was "on her way to Zurich as part of a European tour to promote her album Ready to Fly" when the plane crashed. Jx


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