Saturday, 25 June 2016

So let's waste no more time

Happy Gay Xmas, everyone!

We're off to the West End, with hats, sparkles, flags, booze and bacon butties in tow, to join the vast, chaotic extravaganza that is Gay Pride!

It's a tradition round these parts to play our anthem on this day of days. And here it is, with a kinky performance by a troupe called Circ X - it's Bring on the Men...

So let's bring on the men
And let the fun begin
A little touch of sin
Why wait another minute?

Step this way it's time for us to play
They say we may not pass this way again
So let's waste no more time
Bring on the men!



  1. You posted a nice clip of a very good-looking man with curly hair singing this song ages ago

    1. Darling! Indeed I did, as I post this particular song every year - I've featured this version before, too. It's an anthem for our Pride, no matter who sings it! Jx


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