Friday, 17 June 2016

You'll never know until you do

It's been a shocking week for tragic news, from Orlando to Birstall - and what we need is a party!

With the last weekend before Gay Pride in London ahead of us, who better to get us in the mood than Mr Gino Soccio (with his two singers, whose synchronised dancing efforts make the Human League girls seem like Torvill & Dean) and Try It Out?

Take a deep breath, shake those hips - and Thank Disco It's Friday!

You know it's all in your mind
So get on up and take a stand
Try it out

There ain't nothing you can lose
So don't hesitate no more
Try it out

If you feel that it's alright
Something inside you leads the way
Try it out

Don't pay no mind
To what they say
You'll never know until you do
Try it out

Try it out
Take a chance
You can do it
Try it out!

I will if you will...

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