Monday, 1 May 2017

La centenaire merveilleux

Another day, another centenary to celebrate - and this time, by happy circumstance, the lady is still with us...

Mademoiselle Danielle Darrieux (for it is she) is one of France's most celebrated film stars and, unlike many of her compatriots, made the "crossover" to Hollywood on several occasions in her eight-decade career, starring alongside such luminaries as Douglas Fairbanks Jr, Jane Powell, James Mason, Charles Boyer, Kenneth More, Richard Burton and Claire Bloom. She made her screen debut in 1931, and her most recent role was in 2010... A real trouper!

And she sang, too.

So, by way of a tribute on this May Day Tacky Music Monday, we have not one, not two, but three of Mademoiselle Darrieux's memorable musical moments, starting with the quirky Une composition:

Proving she was "down with the kids", here she performs that Jazz classic Le temps du Muguet [which was originally a Russian popular tune, adapted into French by Francis Lemarque and later made famous by Kenny Ball and his Jazzmen as Midnight in Moscow]...

...and here she is, accompanied by some rather bored-looking Regency-clad safety gays [I do love a man in britches!], with Pénélope [which looks as if it should be a Scopitone, but isn't]:

Bon anniversaire, Danielle Yvonne Marie Antoinette Darrieux (born 1st May 1917)

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