Monday, 29 May 2017

Reunited with Shep at last

Oh dear. Very sad news.

Another little bit of my childhood has slipped away - with the announcement of the death of that most iconic of children's television presenters, the lovely John Noakes.

The longest-serving presenter of the enduring classic Blue Peter - favourite TV programme of many generations of children since it began way back in 1958 - he was the friendly face that was always there for me, from toddler to teenager [he started on the show in 1965 and left in 1978]. In the world of kids' programmes - where presenters either feel the need to be zany'n'wacky, or else a bit schoolteacher-ish - he was the sort of daredevil, jolly bloke that behaved like an overgrown schoolboy; always climbing things, messing with things that go "pop", or handling creatures that were a bit scary or just out-of-control [like his pet dog/up-stager "Shep"]. The sort of person you wanted to be when you grew up.

Everybody adored him.

Two years ago, when he went missing from his home in Majorca (and was found only slightly hurt, having fallen into a ditch), it was revealed he had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Such was the love for the man in the British collective consciousness that his plight made the TV news headlines,and the front pages of many newspapers.

However, it is for his on-screen antics that we love him the most, including climbing Nelson's Column, jumping out of aeroplanes, baring his bruised bum after he came skidding off a bob-sled, and, of course... THAT elephant! Here are a few highlights that have been hastily put together by some kindly YouTuber:

RIP, John Noakes (born John A. Bottomley, 6th March 1934 – 28th May 2017)


  1. OH! Some fond memories floating around my mind now...
    Thank you.

    1. He was an integral part of so many of our lives... Jx


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