Monday, 15 April 2013

Eye of the Tiger

Ah, Mondays. How we hate them.

After a "mixed blessing" weekend, weatherwise - miserable, cold and wet on Saturday followed by a magnificent 21C (71F) sunny day yesterday - it's back to work we go, only able to look out longingly upon the emerging springtime through tinted glass...

Never mind, on this Tacky Music Monday let's get into the fighting spirit in the company of the utterly terrifying Irma Serrano - the fierce ruling diva known as "La Tigresa" - in this marvellous clip from Tierra Mala.

Lord only knows what she's so angry about (maybe she has to work in a soulless office too, or maybe she's just annoyed that man has his cock in his hand?), but she is fabulous!

The life story of Miss Irma Serrano is a fascinating, OTT and camp one (as one might expect), full of scandal and outrage - and you should turn to my blog "La Tigresa" from this time last year to read the whole tacky saga.

Irma Serrano (born December 9, 1933)


  1. Still don't like her "music" - but I remember the blog post from last year being a fantastic read!

  2. Hers is the ony voice that can do combat with a mass mariachi band.


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