Friday, 26 April 2013

King Hansjörg

Just as the weekend looms, the heavens open (of course). Ho hum, never mind - we have a "special surprise guest" to enjoy at Polari tonight, and hopefully Sunday (at least) will be sunny, so all is OK with the world!

Today we celebrate the birthday of the Master of Disco, the man who took a largely Motown'n'strings-cum-salsa based musical genre and melded it with what were previously only thought of as "cold" European synthesised "machine music" sounds to create the legendary dance music style we recognise today.

Giorgio Moroder unleashed the beast, and it survived through many forms - Disco, Hi-NRG, House, Techno - to continue to underpin much of "electro" dance music today.

As their own tribute, in 2000 the DJs Jam & Spoon took one of Moroder's classics, The Chase (the theme from Midnight Express), and gave it sufficient "oomph" to send it to the top of the dance charts across the World.

The result is rather fab - Thank Disco It's Friday!

Hansjörg "Giorgio" Moroder (born 26 April 1940)

Have a great weekend, peeps!


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