Tuesday, 2 April 2013

I've seen them all, and my dear...

Things will never be the same again.

From The New York Times
"Elaine Stritch is leaving the building.

Ms. Stritch, the husky-voiced actress who, with a Tony Award and three Emmys to her credit, became a beloved cabaret star in recent years at the Carlyle Hotel, said on Wednesday that she was giving up her apartment there and returning to her home state, Michigan. But not before she performs one last show, “Elaine Stritch at the Carlyle: Movin’ Over and Out,” from April 2 to 6.

Mere mention of the word “retirement” drew a gasp and flat denial from Ms. Stritch, who is 88. “What actor would ever say they’re done?” she fairly shouted over the telephone.

Still, in fragile shape after two recent falls and a hip replacement, she said she knew it was the end of an era."
What will the theatrical world do without her?

Elaine Stritch

More Stritchy

[Thanks to Marc at Deep Dish for the info!]


  1. alas, we'll all miss her,
    but she certainly hasn't left us too early.

    1. Indeed - almost 70 years on stage... Jx


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