Monday, 29 April 2013

Spare me the eight to five people

Another weekend over too soon, and it was too cold to do any of the planned jobs around the extensive gardens of Dolores Delargo Towers. Dammit.

Never mind, on this Tacky Music Monday we have a typically sultry number by yesterday's birthday girl Miss Ann-Margret to warm our cockles - it's the title song from yet another of her long-forgotten movies The Pleasure Seekers. Va-va-voom!

Some people just run from the fun things in life
The boredom they've got, you could cut with a knife
They're the ones who look up as the jets go by
But you take me
I just gotta be
With the ones that fly

Spare me the eight to five people
Those half alive people
I'll take the set that likes to get off and dine
Give me the pleasure seekers
Every time

Spare me the naughty word watchers
Also the bird watchers
In other words they're for the birds not for me
Give me the pleasure seekers
Every time

It's cocktails at nine
At midnight we dine
Then bubbly wine
In a small cafe where the gypsies play
Till the break of day

No one you know lives twice mister
Take my advice mister
Give what you got before it's not there to give
Get with the pleasure seekers
Lovers and cheeks and chicas
Seek the pleasure seekers
And live!
And live!
And live!

Sentiments very dear to our hearts...

Ann-Margret (born 28th April 1941)

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