Friday, 12 April 2013

Not the words of one who kneels

Dame Shirley Bassey is among the panoply of stars (including Joan Collins, Andrew Lloyd-Webber, Trevor McDonald, Michael Crawford, Katherine Jenkins and Terry Wogan) and politicians (and people we thought were already dead) who are attending Margaret Thatcher's funeral on Wednesday.

I doubt she'll be singing, but I imagine if she did it might well be this one she would choose - My Way:

Margaret Thatcher funeral


  1. wouldn't it be great if
    shirley came to MY funeral?

  2. Considering how stunning she still looks, she just might outlive us all. I have requested Miss Ross for my funeral, and since I plan to stick around for at least 60 more years that means she will have to do so as well. I wonder what a 130 year old Diana will sound (or, erm, look like...)

    1. The prospect of a zombie Diana Ross is just too horrid to cotemplate. Jx

    2. Unless you are Mary Wilson, in which case I can imagine it being a subject of both spite and glee.


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