Sunday, 7 April 2013

Nobody loves a Fairy

I'm not rushing to drink absinthe again in a hurry...

Hils, Crog, Russ Joe, John-John and I got dressed up in suitably fin de siècle fashion last night for a very special evening (at the swanky Roxy Bar and Screen near Borough Market) dedicated to the glorious Baz Luhrmann movie Moulin Rouge.

What a sparkling evening's entertainment it tuned out to be, too. Featuring an extraordinary variety of turns, including the inevitable saucy burlesque dancers (with fabulous names including Miss Vesper Fontaine and Little Lady Luscious), singers, a poet, comic banter and even a lady accordionist, the fine fellows of "Cavalcade of Cabaret" certainly know how to throw a party - as their blurb says, "...let us entertain you like it’s 1899"!

Of course, the whole thing also involved a promotion for Pernod Absinthe, so free glasses of the "Green Fairy" were lavishly dished out on our arrival. It creeps up on you, that stuff.

Nonetheless, we had a rollicking time! Hils was a contender in the "best costume" award (for the hat, on which she had applied an actual green fairy), although most of us were rooting for the rather gorgeous dandy - and some of our number had never seen the movie before, so there were tears and gasps galore.

I adore Moulin Rouge, especially this scene:

Unfortunately I didn't manage to get home until 3.30am, however, so naturally today is not quite so rollicking.

I am keeping my eye out for future dressing-up occasions at this fab venue!


  1. It was a wonderful night indeed, though as you say none of us are sparkling very much at the mo!

  2. that evening does sound fab, although I'm glad I don't have your head the next day xx

    1. It was worth every ache and pain - you'd have loved it! Jx

  3. Love that movie. And Kylie can creep up on me anytime ;)

    1. Not sure Miss Minogue would ever touch absinthe, though. Jx


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