Saturday, 19 October 2013


It's another "fabulous at fifty" birthday today - Miss Sinitta Renay Malone!

Despite being famous for only a few camp Hi-NRG hits three decades ago, her on-off relationship with the mega-powerful TV mogul Simon Cowell has assured that Amii Stewart's favourite niece has remained in the spotlight for decades since (even if that "relationship" is yet again suffering the indignities of tabloid frenzy of late).

Good luck to her - she gave us all a fab few moments in the 80s. I can smell the poppers even as I play this - it's the pop-trash-tastic Toy Boy!

Toy boy, toy boy.

Everybody's talking when they see me walking
With this little boy of mine

He's my play thing and I love him
I dress him up looking fine
He ain't got money
People think it's funny
He gives me everything I need

He's my playboy and my love toy
And I want everyone to know
He's my toy boy toy boy
I'm out with my toy boy toy boy

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday night

When I want a lover
Don't need any other
I know he'll come running to me

He's my gigolo and my Romeo
And I want everyone to know
He's my toy boy toy boy
I'm out with my toy boy toy boy

Speaking of toy boys, I still can't believe the bitch shagged Brad Pitt...

Many happy returns!

Sinitta official website


  1. Is she only 50 now? I assumed she already was x

  2. Oh my! She looks fabulous these days and her recent appearance at the Hit Factory concert was a complete scene stealer!

    I loved "So Macho" and still do - but I think "Toy Boy" has to be my favorite, shameless Sinitta moment! Happy birthday!!!

    1. Somehow I had you down as a Sinitta fan :-)


  3. Well, she has had a moment or two ;)


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