Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Me supo dulce como la miel

As we count down the days to our week in the sunshine (we fly on Saturday), it is worth celebrating the fact that Spain has always been the proud purveyor of the kind of catchy music that brings us cheer, no matter what the time of year.

This makes them eminently suitable for the Eurovision Song Contest - as demonstrated in this remarkable performance from 1990 (it's one of my favourite Eurovision moments).

Encountering what might have been a disaster for a less sassy pair of performers - as, first act on to the stage, the sound system failed - the girls of Azúcar Moreno merely brush it off with sublime flair, and make a triumphant return to perform their fab song Bandido!

And recently, after six years of not speaking to each other, the sisters are back together performing.

Me encanta!


  1. Replies
    1. Carajillos, here we come!


      PS "Carajillo" is the Spanish for "brandy coffee". We must practice that...

  2. How you must be counting down the days!

    I absolutely adore that song and despite the error the girls gave a very professional performance. I remember back in 1990 that this song was hotly tipped as the winner. The sound system failure was largely blamed for the song "only" finishing in the fifth place. It remains one of my absolute favorite Eurovision moments.

    I would have loved to seem them again in Eurovision in 2006 - they had an excellent song called "Bailando con Lola", but lost out to Las Ketchup. Glad to see they are performing together again - one of the sisters was battling breast cancer in the late 00s but seems to have made a full recovery.

    1. I guessed you might adore them - and you're right, I am desperately looking forward to hearing this kind of music "in situ" this weekend (even if it is a couple of sad drag queens miming to it!)



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