Thursday, 13 February 2014

Totty of the Day

Happy 40th birthday today to Robbie Williams!

Although all of Take That were yummy in their own way (Mark was ever my fantasy), Robbie was the eternal "naughty boy" - the one you just knew would "give you one" out the back of the club, by the fire escape...

So I make no excuses for featuring again my favourite gay softcore pop video, with the man himself and the rest of the boys looking their best, ever - it's Pray:

Robbie may be annoying, he may sometimes have an unerring faith in his own talents that belies some of his output, but yes! I'd still do him.

"I am not as bad as people would suggest. Not as good as I would like to be."

Robert Peter "Robbie" Williams (born 13th February 1974)


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