Wednesday, 26 March 2014

The Boss

Wow. The sparklingly splendiferous, the one, the only Miss Diana Ross is seventy years old today!

To celebrate such an auspicious milestone, here is "The Boss" live in concert at the legendary Caesar's Palace Las Vegas, from 1979 - in its entirety!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Needless to say, tributes to the great lady are everywhere in the British media - including The Telegraph and The Guardian.

Miss Ross features (once again) as our latest "exhibit" in the Dolores Delargo Towers Museum of Camp. Of course.

Diana Ernestine Earle Ross


  1. I still can't believe it - 70! She will always be young and gorgeous to me ;)

    Happy, happy birthday - I'm off to blast some more classic Diana albums!

    PS: I have that show on DVD (of course). Fabulous!

    1. She is a total "Triumph of Art over Nature" - and of course, I just knew you would have that concert on DVD. It would be silly to assume otherwise... Jx

  2. but let's not ever forget that it really was diane

    1. "Every Sandra
      Who's a Sondra,
      Every Mary who's really Marie
      Every Joan
      Who is a Joanne
      Has got to agree with me
      When I've announced
      I don't mind being pommelled
      Or trampled or trounced
      But it does drive you bats
      To be miss, Miss pronounced..."



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