Tuesday, 11 March 2014

So you better sober up for just a second

Almost forgot - let us wish a belated happy 50th birthday (yesterday) to the ever-lovely Miss Neneh Cherry!

Excuse enough (if any were needed) to post this - one of the most beautiful, most haunting, most utterly brilliant songs ever in the the history of popular music (you'd never guess I adore it!).

It's Seven Seconds:

Love, love, love that song.

Blank Project, Neneh Cherry's first studio album for sixteen years, was released on 24th February 2014 - read the review by Alexis Petridis.


  1. There was some really bad advance word on the album, so good to see a nice review (that said, I have learned by now not to pay too much attention to advance reviews).

    Such a great song - and I always adored her single "Manchild". Happy 50th (gulp - who next, Justin Bieber? - time flies so quickly...).

    1. I loved Mr Petridis's comment: "She must be the only artist in history to have recorded with Stock, Aitken and Waterman and a free jazz ensemble – unless of course tapes emerge of Big Fun jamming with Peter Brötzmann's Clarinet Project..." Jx

      PS Does anyone really believe the Bieber creature will live that long?

  2. Just shows what fame at a very young age can do to a person...


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