Tuesday, 23 September 2014

God speaks to rubbishy sluts

Patron Saint (and according to Eddie Monsoon, God, with whom I have had an audience) Marianne Faithfull has said what we're all thinking:
Speaking to ITV News in an interview ahead of the release of her new album, Faithfull was asked what she thought of young artists like Miley Cyrus or Rihanna and the way they dress.

She replied: "I think they are complete rubbishy sluts actually."

"I've no idea what they think. I cannot understand that way of thinking."

"That they want to be so much in the music business that they're prepared to make complete fools of themselves. I'm amazed,"
she added.
I think 'nuff said. Let Miss Faithfull show them how it's done - Sliding Through Life On Charm:

The family tree was chainsawed Wednesday week
So now I have to mingle with the meek
Hey mister, you have finally met your match
Now everybody wants to kiss my snatch

To go where God knows who has gone before
I am a muse, not a mistress, not a whore
Oh, suburban shits who want some class
All queue up to kiss my ass

And I was only trying to please
I never got any royalties oh no, not me
I'm still sliding through life on charm
Sliding through life on charm

If Marianne was born a man she'd show you all
A way to piss your life against the wall
Go ahead why don't you leave me to these thugs
And creeps who want to fuck a nun on drugs?

Is it such a sin I never ever tried too hard?
I had to know how far was going too far
In proper homes throughout the land, Fathers try to understand
Why Eunice who is seventeen aspires to live her life like me

Oh no, can't ya see, Daddy?
She's just captivated by my charm
Sliding through life on charm


I wonder why the schools don't teach anything useful nowadays
Like how to fall from grace and slide with elegance from a pedestal
I never asked to be on in the first place

Sliding on charm, sliding on charm
Sliding on charm, sliding on charm
Sliding on charm, sliding on charm
Sliding on charm

Marianne's new album Give My Love To London is released on 29th September 2014 - and here's a delicious behind-the-scenes trailer:

Marianne Faithfull official website


  1. She Is God. Cant wait to hear the new Album.

    1. Apart from that trailer, there are a few more bits'n'pieces already out there in YouTubeland... Sounds very promising! Jx

  2. I'd like to see my readers form a band called the Complete Rubbishy Sluts.

    All hail Marianne.

    1. Interesting factoid: 80s superstar Paul Young's backing band was called "The Fabulous Wealthy Tarts".

      I applied to be a member, but was too poor. Jx

  3. Spot on! Looking forward to the album!

    1. It should be brilliant, as ever... Jx


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