Friday, 22 January 2016

I was looking at you! You were looking at me!

Born in Tennessee, found fame in Detroit, died in Nottingham. An unusual line of progression, one might think - unless you're referring to the life of the marvellous Edwin Starr, whose birthday it was yesterday. For, long after his major success in his homeland (with classics such as War and 25 Miles) had subsided, his career really took off over here in the glittering 1970s, and he remained a legend on the Northern Soul scene until his death.

We're heading for the weekend, and with it all the jollity and partying that may bring, so what better way to get us in the mood than to bop along in chiffon and hotpants with the combination of Mr Starr's superb dance hit Contact and the formidable talents of Legs & Co?

I think we should... and Thank Disco It's Friday!

Edwin Starr (21st January 1942 – 2nd April 2003)


  1. Dear god, how could I have forgotten this?

    1. All together now:

      "You sho nuff looking hot
      I sure like what you got!"



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