Monday, 18 January 2016

An artist shouldn’t have to take off his underwear for the audience

In an interview in 2013, talking about being "outed" in the media, Izhar Cohen said: "Nobody has the right to invade another’s private life. To me this is criminal. Those who have a problem with their identity should see a psychologist. I don’t think my bed should be anyone’s business. I have never exposed my sex life. An artist shouldn’t have to take off his underwear for the audience”.

Could anyone really have thought he was "in"? On this Tacky Music Monday, here are two of Mr Cohen's Eurovision Song Contest entries (the first of which won the contest for Israel back in 1978). Judge for yourself!

First up, with The Alphabeta, here's A-ba-ni-bi:

And next, from 1985, Olé, Olé:


On the subject of all things Eurovision, my heart sank when I read that this year the UK's representative will be chosen in "an X Factor-style live competition giving the public the power to vote". Just what we need. Yet another edition of "Spot the Braincell" ("thirty minutes of cheerful ritual humiliation of the old [and the not-so-old] and greedy"), the moronically whooping audiences, the panel of smug-bastard judges, the inevitable close-ups of belittled crying women with too much make-up and ghastly hair.

As if the contest itself isn't preposterous enough. At least that's camp.

Regardless, have a good week, peeps!


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