Sunday, 14 August 2016

Twist and tap

Sometimes the most incongruously-matched things end up making something wonderful when placed together.

Whoever would have thought that the combination of the divine Miss Eleanor Powell "tapping her brains out" and the swinging sounds of today's birthday boy Mr Buddy Greco (90 today, and showing no sign of stopping!) would work?

This made me smile - it's Twistin' To The Blues:

Facts about Armando "Buddy" Greco (born 4th August 1926):
  • His entry into performing was as a singer and pianist with with Benny Goodman's band.
  • In his heyday he hung out with The Rat Pack, and counted among his friends Marilyn Monroe, Ella Fitzgerald and Lena Horne.
  • He still owns a house in Palm Springs, California (where he had a nightclub) but lived for several years in Essex [a bit of a contrast, I'd say!].
  • In 2013 he celebrated 80 years in showbiz, with a gala in... Southend.


  1. How interesting Essex is full of surprises and that is such a clever video.

    1. I hope Mr Greco enjoyed it, too! I'm still trying to work out where exactly in Essex that photo was taken... Jx


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