Monday, 22 August 2016

You know woe-woe-in' don't change a thing

It's (house fave here at Dolores Delargo Towers) Miss Valerie ("Rhoda") Harper's birthday today - and she can provide just the tonic we need to get ourselves in gear for another long, slow week in work.

At her most effervescent, here is the lady herself - replete with a gaggle of "safety gays" - and a rollicking song'n'dance number for this Tacky Music Monday. It's The Last Blues Song:

So if you're somebody
Who's feeling sorry for yourself
Better sing along
Cause this is gonna be
The last blues song

Now a little bitty fit
Of self pity
Can really sing.
But it keeps on growin'
And you know woe-woe-in'
Don't change a thing

So if you're a person
Who's hooked on hurtin' on yourself
Better sing along
Cause this is gonna be
The last blues song.

Miss Harper has not has a very good time of it lately, being three years down the line since she was diagnosed with terminal cancer, so we wish her a particularly significant "many happy returns" of the day!

Valerie Kathryn Harper (born 22nd August 1939)


  1. Replies
    1. I will try - but if it is as sunny as predicted on Wednesday, I am sorely tempted to say "sod work, let's go to the seaside". I won't, of course. I will just seethe in the office instead. Jx

  2. I think she single-handedly brought nasal Brooklyn accents back into vogue during her Mary Tyler Moore star turn.

    1. She certainly created a ground-breaking character in Rhoda... Jx

  3. I adored her in Rhoda but had no idea she did song and dance too.

    1. It's often quite a revelation, what one can find on the interwebs... Jx


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