Friday, 26 August 2016

Don't forget the light ales, Laurence

It's a Bank Holiday weekend (our last till Xmas) and there's additional cause to celebrate, as one of our all-time favourite actresses Miss Alison Steadman celebrates her 65th birthday today!

As it is the end of the week, and certain traditions have to be adhered to, this is a somewhat convoluted tribute to the great lady... One of Miss Steadman's greatest creations was the monstrous "Beverley" in Abigail's Party. Her favourite singer was - as described by her hapless husband "Laurence" - "that fat Greek".

"So, Laurence, Angela likes Demis Roussos. Tony likes Demis Roussos, I like Demis Roussos, and Sue would like to hear Demis Roussos: so please, d'you think we could have Demis Roussos on?"

Here he is - with his first and probably only foray into the world of dance-floor music (replete with some very exotically-attired cheesy "dancers" to boot) - Demis Roussos and L.O.V.E Got A Hold On Me!

Thank Disco It's Friday?

Many happy returns, Alison Steadman, OBE (born 26th August 1946)

Read about our "audience with" Miss Steadman and her appearance in an Alan Bennett masterpiece.


  1. Happy birthday to a National treasure and one of our best actresses.

    We have already given our tribute to her with a plethora of Abigail quotes and impressions at the picnic along with a Demis Roussos sing-along.

    1. There was more than one person sat in that park who resembled him, too. Jx


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