Thursday, 11 August 2016

While we were away...

Now that we are back from our wonderful weekend in Amsterdam for Europride - shell-shocked, admittedly, but with so many memories to keep us on a high for a while - what have we missed?

Obviously, it seems, the world (and certainly our media) is obsessed with the Olympics. At least our favourite houseboy, the super-sexy Tom Daley has won a bronze medal for synchronised sex diving with his teammate Daniel Goodfellow, so that makes up for the fact that none of our favourite telly programmes are on when they should be (or in some cases not at all), then. Not. Lovely to look at, though.

Not much in the way of significant milestones - although we missed celebrating the 65th birthday of Samantha Sang, plus birthday celebrations for various other Leos including Louella Parsons, Mata Hari, Lucille Ball, Esther Williams, Andy Warhol, Randy Shilts, Barbara Windsor and Geri Halliwell; and Britain's third richest man the Duke of Westminster died [without, I assume, leaving me a penny in his will - let alone any of those tiaras he owned that were on show at the V&A exhibition we went to way back in 2002!].

Former Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls has apparently been confirmed as a contestant in the BBC's Strictly Come Dancing contest, as has Will Young; both announcements just make me shudder. The American Presidential race carried on and on and on and on. As did strikes on Southern Rail, which was one of the reasons we thought it wise to get a taxi home from Gatwick Airport.

There has apparently been a major surge in tourists flocking to the UK in the weeks since we voted to leave the EU. Good. As long as they learn which side of the bloody escalator to use on the Tube! A man from China accidentally registered himself as an asylum seeker in Germany, when in fact he just wanted to report that his wallet had been stolen. Oh, and speaking of stupid - apparently, according to a poll, this song by The Proclaimers has been announced as the UK's number one "earworm" [lord knows why; it doesn't do it for me] - I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles):

Nah. There is - as I said on this very blog two years ago - only one "ear-worm" that once heard cannot be eradicated easily [and it's not even on the stupid list!] - and that's Infernal and From Paris To Berlin:

All together, now!

From Paris to Berlin,
And every disco I get in,
My heart is pumping for love,
Pumping for love,
'Cause when I'm thinking of you,
And all the things we could do,
My heart is pumping for love
You left me longing for you

Now, that's better...


  1. Pre motherhood when I was a gym member Infernal was my track of choice for inspiration on the rowing machine! Still rock back and forth when I hear it 😉

    1. It must rank as being one of the catchiest dance songs ever! However, I don't think I'd ever set foot inside a gym to hear it. Jx


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