Tuesday, 13 December 2016

I poop glitter

Over at Cafe Muscato, a sinister contest-of-sorts is looming - as our erstwhile host throws into the ring the first challenger for "Most Horrifying Xmas Toy" with the "Devil Giraffe"!

"Il Duce" at Suffering Fools Gladly has an equally appalling contender in the "Flesh-Eating Green-lipped Bear"!

Never one to refuse a challenge, I've found a few "choice" gifts myself out there on the interwebs. Do not, under any circumstances, purchase any of these for a loved one...

I wait with bated breath for more horrors to emerge over this festering season!


  1. Horrifying !
    Just a thought though why would God Almighty need a kalashnikov ak 47 assault riffle.

    1. Because he's obviously American. Jx


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