Thursday, 1 December 2016

Dance while the record spins

Timeslip moment again...

Let's flit back in our trusty DeLorean twenty-five years to 1991; a world where the World Wide Web was merely a newly-born graphic browser, the Tories continued in power in Britain - even after the unceremonious dumping of their greatest-ever leader Maggie Thatcher - with John Major's fractious administration presiding over a recession, Bryan Adams topped the charts for sixteen weeks, the Eastern Bloc had fallen, and the the Gulf War and Yugoslav wars began.

In the news this week, the beginning of December, 1991: the crumbling Soviet Union was dealt a killer blow when Ukraine's populace voted overwhelmingly for independence; the world was still mourning the recent death of Freddie Mercury; a rebellion of sorts was afoot as thousands of UK shops and superstores illegally opened their doors for trading on a Sunday, in an (ultimately successful) effort to change the law; in the ascendant were Alan Bennett (whose play The Madness of George III opened in the West End), the wonderfully-named Boutros-Boutros Ghali (elected as the new Secretary-General of the UN) and Terry Anderson (finally released after six years captivity in Lebanon; the last hostage held by Hezbollah), but one of the world's biggest airlines Pan Am went bust after 64 years. In our cinemas: The Fisher King, Point Break, Other People's Money. On telly: Noel's House Party, Dawn French's Murder Most Horrid and London's Burning.

And in our charts? Michael Jackson and Vic Reeves with the Wonder Stuff were battling it out at the top, at #1 and #2 respectively. Also in attendance were 2 Unlimited, East Side Beat, Michael Bolton, Bassheads, Altern*8, Miss Ross and (new arrivals) Nirvana. But among this mixed bag, one "rave fave" was the hip-shaker I preferred to dance to - here's Bizarre Inc and Playing with Knives:



  1. I did always love that song but Bizarre Ink's I'm Gonna Get You was my favorite. Ahhhhh. those were the days weren't they?

  2. Happy uplifting music. What a nice change to all that terrible self obsessed miserable mumbling so prevalent in a lot of the 'pop' music of today.

    1. There certainly doesn't seem to be much of a "party" going on in music nowadays... Thank heavens for the 90s! Jx


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