Saturday, 6 February 2016

The Devil wears deck shoes

By the time you see this, dear reader, we shall be well on our way to the delights of Andalusia again. We say it every time, but... "I have never needed a holiday so much!"

Who better to send us on our way but the very best of the "best" of tacky-music-troubadours, Las Seventies?!

We always do these moves every time we enter a bar in Spain. And we plan to enter many...

Don Diablo se ha escapado
Tu no sabes la que ha armado!


See you all in a week or so...


  1. Is there any other way? Have a blast....and excuse my confusion. O thought you were goin to Amsterdam. Its the gin you see. This looks much more embracing. Cheers!

    1. Most of the bars we tend to go in on the Costa tend to be Dutch owned, so you are forgiven the confusion, dear. Clink! Jx

  2. I do hope you have one of those off the shoulder numbers to wear!
    Or two

    1. You'd be amazed what I get off my shoulders after a night in La Nogilera... Jx


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