Monday, 27 October 2014

How I wish I had a gun; a wittle gun

As I feel more miserable than usual heading back to work in this ever-closing-in Autumnal gloom after a fab week on leave (with a video shoot, a trip to Essex, a visit to the RHS Autumn flower show - and a burning-candles-at-both-ends party to finish off), it is of great solace to discover that another of "our ladies of Hollywood" is still with us (contrary to my previous belief that she had died years ago).

For none other than Miss Nanette Fabray blows out 94 candles on her cake today - and here she to brighten this Tacky Music Monday in perhaps her best-known appearance, as one of the "Triplets" (the others being Fred Astaire and Jack Buchanan) in The Band Wagon...

We do everything alike
We look alike
We dress alike, we walk alike
We talk alike
And what is more
We hate each other very much
We hate our folks
We're sick of jokes on what an art it is
To tell us apart!

If one of us gets the measles
Another one gets the measles
Then all of us gets the measles
And mumps and croup.
How I wish I had a gun
A wittle gun
It would be fun to shoot the other two
And be only one.

Have a good week, folks!

I am not looking forward to mine.

Nanette Fabray (born 27th October 1920)


  1. These clips remind me of when I used to sit glued to the telly watching old films on weekend afternoons. I'm sure they were somehow a huge influence on how I turned out!

    1. As long as you didn't adopt a fetish for baby clothes after watching this clip, then no harm done :-)


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