Friday, 31 October 2014

This is not the lobby of the Plaza Hotel?

It's been a long, dreary week, folks - but salvation is just a few hours away.

As befits our building anticipation of a weekend that also serves to celebrate all things wicked, demonic and downright scary (and that's just me after a few pints of Magners), here's Miss Alicia Bridges' fabulously camp classic I Love The Nightlife as she probably never envisaged it when it was first released - a dance number featuring Count Dracula and the former Mrs McMillan...

Thank Disco It's (Hallowe'en) Friday!

Have a spooky weekend, peeps!

Love At First Bite on IMDB


  1. I'd forgotten how beautiful George Hamilton is in this, but then, I had also forgotten Susan St. James' wig.

  2. Saw this at the theater when I was a kid, back when they let kids see movies like this without parents. It's a good thing because George Hamilton made me tingly down there.

    1. Ah, but which bit did you want him to bite? Jx

  3. I saw this this first when I was about..15? I was vaguely interested in George... but possibly more interested in who I saw it with.


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