Monday, 9 November 2015

I simply couldn't be bad

Miss Hedy Lamarr gets a Google Doodle on her birthday (well... she wasn't just a stunningly beautiful film star - she did invent Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, I suppose). The equally impressive Miss Dorothy Dandridge, who shares her birthday (and died, prematurely, 50 years ago), doesn't.

But, on this Tacky Music Monday it is a rather rare appearance by the latter that I have selected to cheer us up as we prepare for another week's toil - her Heart Belongs To Daddy!

Have a good week, folks!

Dorothy Jean Dandridge (9th November 1922 – 8th September 1965)


  1. Has anyone ever paused to consider the sheer mind blowing weirdness of the life and times of Hedy Lammar? Had she never existed I don't think any novelist would have come up with her life as a fiction.

    1. Remarkable woman. Is it any wonder that everyone from Louis B. Mayer to Andy Warhol adored her? Jx

    2. don't forget me, i adored her too!

    3. And poor Miss Dandridge still fades into the background, it seems. Jx


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