Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Let it come into your heart and carry you away

It's a timeslip moment again.

We've materialised in this week twenty years ago - a week when the Bosnian war trials began, ecstasy took a sinister turn (with tabloid coverage of the death of Leah Betts), Princess Diana's "there were three of us in this marriage" interview was broadcast, Ken Saro-Wiwa became a human rights martyr in Nigeria, the US budget was in meltdown and the Rose West murder trial was reaching its conclusion; GoldenEye, Ace Ventura and Leaving Las Vegas were in our cinemas; and Hollyoaks, The Thin Blue Line and Mr Bean were on telly.

In the charts in November '95? That most incomprehensible of hit-making duos Robson & Jerome were top of the tree, and Queen Madge, Oasis, Everything But The Girl, Tina Turner, Enya, Sean Maguire and Coolio were all there - but, among a raft of great dance classics all hitting the charts in this week, so were the Happy Clappers and the wonderful I Believe!

I believe in love and live baby
Let it come into your heart and carry you away,
And I believe that all the people should be free,
To live the way exactly to the lovers standing unity.

Oh listen people it's getting harder each day,
Just to know who you are, just to find your way.
And I believe we're equal whatever colour or creed,
I cant deny the truth - well its the love that I believe!

And who could disagree with that?

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