Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Classical and not-so-classical gayers

It was somewhat appropriate that this afternoon, I ignored Saint Hallmark Valentine's Day and went to a faboo "potted history" talk at the British Museum - to launch their recognition of LGBT History Month (and indeed their establishment of a special gallery dedicated to LGBT history and artefacts in this, the 50th year since the (partial) decriminalisation of homosexuality in the UK, opening in May).

What better way to start my sojourn through the month's events [we missed week #1 of course, being in Spain] than with the blatant sex scenes of The Warren Cup, the love story of Emperor Hadrian and Antinous, and with the lesbian love poetry of Sappho..?

However, not all things in life are so cultural.

While exploring the darkest recesses of La Nogilera gay scene in Torremolinos last week, we were delighted to discover [we're obviously late to the game, not being fans of RuPaul's Drag Race, from whence the first mix below emerged] the - ahem - talents of a certain Señor AB Soto, and here he is (twice), with Cha Cha, Bitch!:

(...and the original:)

I like to think that Hadrian and Antinous would have approved.


  1. Fab holiday, fab video and I am looking forward to the cultural bit at the British Museum tomorrow.

    1. Nothing like a bit of classical cock to round off a marvellous fortnight's holiday! Jx


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