Sunday, 9 July 2017

Love Happens Here

Twenty-six thousand participants. An estimated one million people amassed to watch the parade or celebrate at one of the party stages. And - mainly thanks to a long, hard-fought campaign involving me and my sister - "our gang" was able to march as a group of individuals (in "Art Deco" style!) on this, one of the biggest Gay Prides ever!

Yesterday's event was indeed spectacular. Armed forces, charities, corporates and shopping chains; trannies, dykes-on-bikes, fetishists and Muscle Marys; Bhangra dancers, steel drummers and drag lip-synchers; Tom Daley, soap stars, Sadiq Khan and Sinitta (even "royalty") - everybody who is anybody was there!

Colourful to say the least...

...a FANTABULOSA day!!

Pride in London


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