Tuesday, 14 August 2007

My favourite bar in my favourite city

Just returned from an extended weekend in Amsterdam for my birthday - what a fantastic time we had! Beautiful weather, beautiful people... My 28th visit in sixteen years, and I never tire of the place!

Amsterdam is a totally laid-back city. You don't actually need to smoke weed to feel relaxed! It's the atmosphere that makes it so special - the lack of attitude (apart from tourists of course), the FEBO...

...the canals, the pleins, the cafes, the bars, the music, the joy of it all! If I could live there I would!

And for anyone who has never been there before, you simply must try the Montmartre bar off Rembrandtsplein - the most fantastic FUN bar in the world. You may feel miserable, or sad, or just a bit tired when you enter the Montmartre, but I can guarantee you will not leave this bar without a smile on your face!

No wonder they call it Happy Hour...

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