Saturday, 22 May 2010


Had another fabulous evening's entertainment last night thanks to the magnificent Rick Skye as Slice O'Minnelli! This is the fourth time we've seen him/her perform (first st the late lamented Theatre Museum, then the Scarlet Fever Revue at Cafe de Paris, and last year in the Barbra and Liza show), and each time he just gets better and better!

Capturing the lady's every eccentricity, gesture and vocal tic perfectly, all the classic routines were there - My Wheelie Chair, the Married routine, the Aznavour ("Schnauzervour") numbers - but we were very happy that there's a lot of new material this time round as well. Liza doing Beyoncé is a wonder to behold! The audition for Sunset Boulevard is marvellous, and the second half's "Liza story" really shows off Mr Skye's vocal power and talents to perfection. The Betty Ford tribute song is a hoot! (And his/her pianist Michael Ferreri is dead sexy too...)

We sat with Rick/Liza in the bar of the Players' Theatre for an hour afterwards, chatting. We spoke a little about "Liza"'s recent cameo in The Big Gay Musical movie, and apparently a sequel is in production, in which Rick/Liza will have a bigger role. (You heard it here first!)

He told us how happy he is with this current tour - straight from headlining the Dublin Festival - his love for the West End, and the shows he would like to bring over to London, such as the War of the Mama Roses and of course his show with the acerbic puppet "Madame". A lovely man, and a superb show!

From there we eventually ended up at the Black Cap in Camden for the lovely Mrs Moore's birthday show with The Boy George Experience as headline act. However, it was the dame herself we'd come so see, and her "Battle of the Basseys" (with Ebony and some other drag queens bitch-slapped off the stage by Mrs Moore) was hilarious, and a fitting way to round off a great evening...

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