Friday, 25 July 2014

My heart is pounding and my lips are on fire

The very lovely (and Scottish-born, despite the accent) John Barrowman outraged the assembled "less enlightened" delegates at the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony in Glasgow (42 of the 54 Commonwealth nations taking part in the games still criminalise homosexuality) by kissing one of the male dancers during a musical tribute to that traditional refuge of eloping couples, Gretna Green.

Good for him, I say - and especially his choice of man...

Let us (as is traditional at the end of another stifling week in the office) get our own celebrations off to a smacker of a start in the company of another Scottish star - the faboo Miss Kelly Marie (and her kilt-spinning safety gays).

Here she is (appropriately enough) with Hot Love - Thank Disco It's Friday!

Have a hot one, peeps!

Kelly Marie official website


  1. I love that song, I love Kelly Marie, I love Fridays, I love disco and I love men kissing! What a wonderful post then :)

    Have a great weekend sweetie!


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