Wednesday, 14 May 2014

I've got no defence

FORTY YEARS? Heavens...

From Out magazine:
Blondie formed on New York City’s Lower East Side in 1974, a foursome led by Harry and her boyfriend, guitarist Chris Stein, after Harry did time as a secretary and Playboy Bunny.

Their first album, Blondie, was a brilliant straddle of pop and parody, a tough, ironic update of ’60s girl groups, featuring Harry singing from the perspective of a street hooker trying to seduce the cop who busted her (on X Offender), telling a lover “I could give you some head / And shoulders to lie on” (on Look Good in Blue), and celebrating Kung Fu and monster movies. It all was arch, uncommonly smart, and incredibly catchy.

The band was aware that they had a significant gay audience “from the very beginning,” says Harry proudly, recalling how they played one of the early Gay Pride events in New York City.
Indeed, one particular budding queen languishing in out-of-the-way Wales first encountered Miss Harry on the sadly-missed The Old Grey Whistle Test thirty-six years ago - and fell truly, madly, deeply in love with her style and sassiness! I have adored her, and the band, ever since.

And, from that very same ground-breaking 1978 TV appearance, here's Debs and the boys with I Am Always Touched By Your Presence Dear:

Was it destiny?
I don't know yet
Was it just by chance? Could this be Kismet?
Something in my consciousness told me you'd appear
Now I'm always touched by your presence dear

When we play at cards you use an extra sense (it's really not cheating)
You can read my hand, I've got no defence
When you sent your messages whispered loud and clear
I am always touched by your presence dear

Floating past the evidence of possibilities
We could navigate together, psychic frequencies
Coming into contact with outer entities
We could entertain each one with our theosophies

Stay awake at night and count your R.E.M.'s
When you're talking with your super friends
Levitating lovers in the secret stratosphere
I am still in touch with your presence dear
I am still in touch with your presence dear
I am still in touch with your presence dear, dear, dear, dear, dear

To celebrate Blondie's 40th anniversary, BBC Radio 2 will broadcast a documentary dedicated to the band tonight at 10pm - and I shall be listening!

Blondie is releasing a special 40th anniversary album featuring a new collection of songs entitled Ghosts of Download and an album entitled Deluxe Redux: Greatest Hits, featuring brand new studio recordings of the band’s biggest songs. Read more on the Blondie official website.


  1. 40 years omg.
    On one hand I don't think it possible but on the other its hard to remember a time when she wasn't there.

    1. I know, I know... it is quite scary where the time goes! Jx

  2. i'm not much of a rocker, so my opinion of debbie has always been kind of benign. this has infuriated a co-worker of mine whose muse is ms.harry. jamie has never let up on me, telling me what a crappy fag i am for not adoring the blonde.

    1. It isn't compulsory...

      I do identify with your general "not veering towards rock" taste in music - but I must admit I just have never quite thought of Blondie in that way. Black Sabbath, yes, rock, bleurgh. Blondie, more "pop" really. And I love them for it. Jx

  3. I agree, Blondie to me has always been more of a pop act - and a great one! I'm quite tempted to get the new CD/DVD package...


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