Saturday, 28 March 2015

Sassy with a Gunn

It's a grey old start to the day, but I am off to meet up with John-John to (finally) get to see a showing of the film Pride at the BFI - as part of the London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, nowadays clumsily known as "BFI Flare" - so that should be fun.

It was also Sassy's birthday yesterday - and what could be more sassy than her vocal version of the theme from the ultra-noir series Peter Gunn? [With a fab remix by Max Sedgley, of course.]

Sarah Vaughan (27th March 1924 – 3rd April 1990)


  1. no doubt you've seen her hideous stone with it's two glaring errors....

    1. (she was called "sassy" so that should've been between her first & last name. and whether or not she was devine is speculative. divine? yes.)

    2. I suppose there is no spell-check on headstones...

      Shocking, really. Jx


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