Sunday, 15 January 2017

The "singer's singer"

I fear that even this early on in the year, the "Dolores Delargo Towers Book of the Dead" is already beginning to fill up a chapter - with the news that the marvellous Buddy Greco has finally joined his Rat Pack chums in that eternal casino in the sky...

Mr Greco - whose 90th birthday we celebrated in August - was a real trouper, keeping that swinging sound going right to the very end. He was still performing (in the UK) in 2014, and made an appearance on stage in Las Vegas in November last year to be inducted into that city's Entertainment Hall of Fame.

His version of Lady is a Tramp is an enduring classic - see here - and in this clip Mr Greco is the consummate showman, as he joins Trini Lopez and Andy Williams on the latter's show:

Now, that's what I call "Sunday Music"!

RIP Buddy Greco (born Armando Joseph Greco, 14th August 1926 - 10th January 2017)


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    1. Of the "originals", there's only Tony Bennett left now! Jx


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