Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Another award-winning film where Hollywood sucks its own dick

Golden Globe-winning musical La La Land is fast becoming the film you will go to any lengths not to watch in 2017.

The film, which has also received 11 Bafta nominations and is tipped for Oscars, has been named by movie-goers as the one film they will desperately avoid but end up seeing regardless.

Martin Bishop of Stafford says: “Great, another award-winning film where Hollywood sucks its own dick about how fantastic it is.

“Big musical numbers about the life of an actor? Heartbreaking ballads about the struggle to make it in Tinseltown? Boy, as a self-employed mechanic in the East Midlands I sure can identify with those universal themes.

“But you just know it’ll win everything and the wife’ll want to see it and even if I dodge it at the cinema it’ll be on streaming or DVD and even if I avoid those it’ll be shown on a plane.

“Fuck. This is 'The Artist' all over again.”

An industry spokesman said: “And don’t forget interminable arthouse films this awards season, like grief drama 'Manchester-by-the-Sea'. It really is as awful as it sounds.”
The Daily Mash

Of course.


  1. I don't watch awards shows and will not see this movie. I believe it to be not more than a popularity contest. There are so many lovely musical talents and acting talents out there that never et the props and consideration. But human are like sheep and will do as the media tell them.

  2. i LIKED "the artist!"

    "moonlight" is an amazing movie. i've heard from people that "la la" is "pretty" but the story/plot is blech.

    1. I am not an avid cinema-goer by any stretch of the imagination, and never saw "The Artist" - although we do have it downloaded somewhere in the bowels of our PC or V-Box somewhere awaiting attention. I must admit the "Hollywood hype machine" does tend to put me off a lot, and I agree with both "The Daily Mash" and Mistress Maddie (now there's a crossover!) - I'm not going to rush to see a film (musical or otherwise) that appears so utterly up itself... Jx

    2. I have to agree; I went into The Artist not expecting much and wound up liking it quite a bit. You should dig it up from where ever its gone missing and give it a try.

    3. I think it was the acres of media content about the "celebrity dog" that put me off... Jx


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