Tuesday, 17 January 2017

It's your outlook on life that counts

Another day, another Patron Saint's birthday...

Yes, it's Betty White Day again! And it is a very special one indeed - the great lady is 95 years old today - so let's hope she is celebrating in style!

"I've enjoyed the opposite sex a lot. Always have. Always will."

"It's your outlook on life that counts. If you take yourself lightly and don't take yourself too seriously, pretty soon you can find the humour in our everyday lives. And sometimes it can be a lifesaver."

"I really don't care with whom you sleep. I just care what kind of a decent human being you are."

“I have no regrets at all. None. I consider myself to be the luckiest old broad on two feet.”

"I may be a senior, but so what? I'm still hot."

"My muffin hasn't had a cherry since 1939!"

Miss Betty Marion White Ludden (born 17th January 1922) - we at Dolores Delargo Towers salute you!


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