Friday, 27 April 2007

Acceptable in the 80s?


My heart was slightly lifted at the news that the Human League, Bananarama, Jimi Somerville, the Eurythmics, ABC and other classic bands were going to play at something called "Retrofest" in Scotland this September! Sounds fun, I thought - the prospect of a summer music festival that features just about ALL my fave acts from my youth!

But such thoughts evaporated when I read further into the report. Judging by the tone and attitude of the promoter, quoted in the article, this smells like a cynical piss-take and nothing more than a massive Karaoke for the moron TV generation... Of his proposed "talent contest", whereby entrants could get to "sing" on stage with some of the hapless acts, he said:

"...the list of successful solo singer/songwriters is longer than the all the shoulder pads worn in the 80s so we're happy to help give someone a bit of exposure. And if someone's really bad, we might put them up as well - after all that's half the appeal of the X Factor, American Idol and so on."

I feel sick! Does EVERYTHING these days have to be reduced to such an utterly brainless and banal level?

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