Wednesday, 10 November 2010

How British TV changed forever

We managed to get tickets for the 50th anniversary showing of the first three episodes of Coronation Street at the BFI last night!

The evening was introduced by the camp-as-tits creator of the series, the genius that is Tony Warren, who regaled us with tales from his childhood and gave us an insight into the characters from his family and his street that gave birth to these magical soap legends. Annie Walker, Ena Sharples, Elsie Tanner, Albert Tatlock - he knew them all!

It was indeed a joy to see these restored classics on the big screen. We marvelled at how "modern" and forward-looking the storylines were, laughed at the tangled humour of these larger-than-life battleaxes (forever gossiping and bitching), and the audience cheered when Ena or Annie arrived on screen! It really must have had a huge impact in those more innocent and polite times.

Marvellous stuff! Shame the "in conversation" slot with Mark Lawson and Tony Warren later on was sold out - that would have been a joy.

Enjoy the moment that the world of British telly changed forever...

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