Saturday, 7 April 2012

All about Evie

"Abortion? I've had more kids pulled outta me than a burning orphanage."

How my warped mind works, chapter #97 in a series...

Over at The Redundant Variety Hour, someone mentioned in a comment the name "Evie Harris", and that set me off on a Google search frenzy. And here's what I found...

The creation of a fabulous comedian called Jack Plotnick, the character of Miss Evie Harris - faded Hollywood B-movie actress and drunken bitch - has developed a huge cult following all her own; not least in the drag movie Girls Will Be Girls from 2003. So much so that she and actor Dennis Hensley made this hilarious short film about the search for the dame's Hollywood Star. I was hooting with laughter!

And here's a clip from the movie that introduced the world to "Evie", Girls Will Be Girls, alongside drag stars Coco Peru and house favourite Varla Jean Merman!

Another of those "Camp Movies we have never seen", I have now added Girls Will Be Girls to my wish list. Here's the title music, which alone would make me want to see this film:

Kitschy camp-a-go-go!

Girls Will Be Girls on IMDB


  1. the new liver took - mama's awake - brilliant - going to share these on the dark side - with a credit to you of course.

    1. Find of the year, I'd say!

      PS I never have a problem with you promoting my blog to those strange people who still find F***book amusing, dearest one...
      PPS See you at Polari on Tuesday and/or the RVT Thursday?

  2. Yay! I'm glad I live in a world where such people exist. It makes up for everyone else!

  3. I shall be at Polari on Tuesday and the RVT on Thursday - make make sure I wear different tops for both :) x

  4. I saw the film years ago - I somewhat liked it, it had its moments - but somehow I had expected more from it. I still have it, might check it out again.


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